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Meet Lynn

Lynn’s extensive experience has given him a deep understanding of the need for maximum efficiency, productivity, and profit in cattle operations of all sizes. Born and raised in Stratford, TX, Lynn grew up ranching and farming. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a B.S. in Ag Economics in 1971, he established his own operation and is still in business today, currently raising Wagyu/Angus cross calves for the premium market of high grading cattle. Lynn worked as a sales rep and Area Manager for MoorMan Feeds for 24 years, and then moved to FarmVet.com as an internet sales rep. In 2002, he began working with Cattle Performance Enhancement Company (CPEC) utilizing KSU’s feedlot ultrasound program and has been their Sales and Marketing Manager since 2004. In performing thousands of chute-side ultrasounds, Lynn realized the need for quality chutes to increase workflow, safety, and comfort for both animals and operators and became a dealer for Moly Manufacturing’s Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes.